Our materials are carefully selected from wool, silk and linen.

We use natural materials such as silk, linen and wool. Our design process always begins with a careful selection of the material. 

Wool Crepe

This gorgeous wool fabric comes from Italy. It is not only beautiful, but has qualities that make it the most versatile fabric ever. As it is quite thick, it drapes beautifully and doesn't cling on the body. It doesn't really get wrinkled, so you can wear it from the airplane to a meeting. And as any wool, there is no need to wash it repeatedly, just simply air it out and spot clean when necessary. 

This is our favorite material to work with in MIAM Signature Collection.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is an amazing and luxurious material. It is naturally antibacterial and doesn't produce unpleasant odors. It is a natural heat insulator and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s also breathable and elastic and the most comfortable on. Its wool fibers are extremely thin and long, which is why it feels so soft on your skin. 

We use 100% Extra Fine Non-Mulesed Merino Wool for everything from tops to pants in our MIAM Lounge Collection. 


Linen is a strong natural material that is breathable and dries fast. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and thus is comfortable all year round. We love using medium to thick linen in our MIAM Resort and MIAM Lounge Wear Collections.


We use different qualities of silk for our tops and dresses. Our most luxurious silk is thick and exquisite, and has a small natural stretch to it. Our thinnest silk is mixed with a small amount of elastane for comfort, creating a silk garment that will stay in your collection forever.