We take responsibility into account in all our work and it is an integral part of MIAM’s business idea. MIAM's products are domestically designed clothing and accessories made from high-quality materials in the local area. The clothes in the collections are long-lasting and designed to be worn from season to season.

Our products are made of natural fiber, so textiles are easy to recycle.

The products are made of high quality materials, so they last a long time. The collections fit together and the products in the different collections are meant to be held from season to season.

Responsibility is the first criterion in the selection of partners. Employees must be of legal age, working conditions are good and pay levels are such that pay can cope. The manufacturing partners are in Finland and the Baltic countries, and we regularly visit the partners, also in the production facilities. We know who makes our products. The fabrics come from our Italian partners and with the exception of silk, the fabrics are made in Italy. Silk fabric is made in China.

We also help the customer, if necessary, to remodel the purchased clothing or recycle it through partners.

Responsibility is everyday choices and actions for us. Our selection, pricing and operating methods are all based on responsible operations. Everyone can wear MIAM clothes and accessories with joy and pride.