MIAM fashion was born out of light

Miia Mattila's clothing philosophy originated in the California sun. The formal language was reduced to Scandinavian when he moved to Finland after his 16th year abroad.

Pure colors and functional shapes have made M / AM outfits what they are today: modern classics for women of all ages. But where did the light that shines on Miija’s face come from?

When Miia Mattila, 46, from Espoo, moved to the east coast of the United States in her twenties, she did not guess that the trip would last an adult. However, that was the case. Maryland changed to the California sun over the years, but in the meantime, a lot had to happen in Miia’s life.

He graduated from private Stevenson University with a bachelor of science degree and continued his doctoral studies at the University of Maryland with a major in cell biology with the intention of becoming a researcher. Elsewhere, however, a vacation in California under swaying palm trees changed Miia’s life.

Academic everyday life changed to sales and marketing work and leisure to the whirlpools of surface life. Life under the sun fascinated its time, but soon it also showed its downsides.

The celebrations failed to fill the void that, in Miia’s mind, grew year by year.

One day, homesickness reached such proportions that Miia decided to move back to Finland. Even dual citizenship no longer made him stay in America.

No. At home awaited a loving childhood family and from a spinning budding dream to finally do something of their own.

"I missed the depth, authenticity, and lasting relationships of my life. So I made a fatal announcement on the Internet dating site:" Miia home from the world. "

Back from the world

-I missed the depth, authenticity and lasting relationships of my life. So I made a fatal announcement on the Internet dating site: "Miia home from the world."

I told it briefly but honestly what I had hoped for in life, and not for a while when Jukka, who said he was coming on a business trip to San Diego, responded to the message. "Maybe I'll bring you back to Finland." With these words, the man concluded his answer.

Now that Jukka is Miia Mattila's Spouse, and the family has three children. The family lives by the sea in Nuottaniemi, Espoo, where Miia tells her story. How did the fashion industry finally come into your life?

-Through the light, he says, not covering his movements.

"Up there, I felt endless, infinite love and gratitude."

The revolution of the mind

Already in her university years, Miia had pondered a lot about the functioning of the mind and body. How do they work together? And above all, what follows from that?

-The initial impetus for the behavior of the mind was given by my professor of psychology, who urged us students to think carefully about what we are heading our thoughts to. Thoughts tend to come true.

The professor's words remained in Miia's mind, and she felt that now was the time to put them into practice. In 2013, shortly after his return to Finland, he enrolled in meditation courses and became acquainted with various forms of energy therapy.

-The so-called return home may occur during treatment. It is a kind of detachment from the body, like a suction that takes you up, to another reality. That's exactly what happened to me.

- Up there, I felt endless, infinite love and gratitude. As if my head was open. As I studied energy therapies, I knew it was a matter of head chacks that became active.

The experience was so strong that Miia’s worldview changed. It was a kind of mind revolution.

-When I got back to this reality, I had a lot of questions. Is this reality in which we live a mere eyeball? What happens if we get in touch with another reality?

Everything changed

Miia's life changed. He felt he had a deeper connection with himself, other people, even animals.

- I believe that all of us creatures are united by the same energy, the same power and the same soul. For some it is hidden, for others it emerges with life experiences. All of this made me believe in rebirth, Miia says.

However, the most important change took place in everyday life. Miia wanted to be not only a spouse but also a mother. It materialized to the greatest extent possible. First a firstborn son was born, then another twin boys. Miia had unexpectedly become the mother of a large family. Actually a mother of a large family, as the spouse has two adult children from her previous union.

-It's really worth thinking about what you're thinking, because thoughts tend to come true - sometimes even bigger than you ask! I also had a big family, even though I was an old firstborn, Miia smiles.

-If you want a change in your life, you should plant the desired image in your own consciousness and strengthen it. After that, it is worth living as if the dream had already come true. This is not a hoax, but simple math. When you believe in your dream, you gather good energy around you that will also infect other people. That way dreams get wings to fly wherever you want.

And Miia wants to. She has a strong vision of the sibling between women that she now plans to implement in her work on fashion.

-When we support each other, the energy multiplies. Together we are more, Miia assures.

"It wasn't until 2017, when I was over 40, that I knew what I wanted and didn't anymore. I went to study at the year-long Helsinki Design School and founded my own M / AM Clothing brand."

Close to nature

It all started with Mom, of course. When Miia was a little girl, she looked admiringly at her mother, who dressed stylishly for her work every morning. The mother was the human resources manager of a large international company who was always a tiptop in her daughter’s eyes, as Miia describes.

There have been painters in many generations in the father’s family, and creativity is probably inherited from there. A spark from the creative industry arose in Miia's mind early on.

- I knew how to draw, and clothes have always interested me. However, I listened for too long to the sound of reason and not to the heart.

- It wasn’t until 2017, when I was over 40, that I knew what I wanted and no longer timed. I went to study at the year-long Helsinki Design School and founded my own M / AM Clothing brand.

We watch the Spring 2020 collection designed by Miia in her study, which is connected to her home and offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

- I make clothes for women who want to dress casually but luxuriously. I have received in our collection inspired by the Californian lifestyle kepeydestä and Nordic minimally new. The classic style takes a lot of time and delights its owner one use after another, Miia says.

The mission is clear: Goodbye fast fashion! Welcome to sustainable development!

-I use wool, cotton, linen, silk as summers, winters, which means that the seasons merge together. I also make clothes to order, making them suitable for any body.

-I'll start with the detail of the drawing. It can be a 30s breathable pocket or a high collar seen in riding clothes. In colors, I prefer red in addition to white and black.

The purity and brightness of the color tones is essential, Miia thinks and says that she is inspired by the morning sun, the evening light, in other words, the light that changes its shape according to the day and the season.

"I want the woman to be happy in the clothes I designed. That's why I hone the fit for so long that the customer is sure to be satisfied."


Miia knows what happens in the brain when a person moves. That’s why he runs daily in the woods and by the sea. The thought brightens, the mind rests, and the brain begins to produce images that give rise to ideas. The runner in heaven is buzzing with pleasure hormones that the body produces when it moves in nature. Therefore, it was clear to Miia from the beginning that all production is done close: in Finland, Estonia and Latvia, in countries where nature is still close to people. This also avoids flying materials around the globe.

Responsibility is increased by the fact that zoning, series and pattern sewing take place in Finland under Miia's supervising eye. Her goal is to design a fitting garment for every Finnish woman, regardless of age or size.

-I want the woman to be happy in the clothes I designed. Therefore, grind the fit for so long that the customer is sure to be satisfied.

More dreams

And dreams don't end there. Miia dreams of her own stone foot shop in the heart of Helsinki. He also intends to bring together the best in his field. Small brands can do a lot together. The collision of innovations always produces new ideas that the community only reinforces. When envy recedes, the pure joy of doing remains. That is what Miia firmly believes in.

And for charity. When you give away your own, you get ten times back. Miia noticed this when she started cooperating with an Espoo shelter.

-I am now a few years all the sons donated old toys and clothes left behind a small shelter home, which helps immigrant women and their children.

- I intend to expand my activities by creating a safe and encouraging place for women who want to borrow clothes, for example for a job interview. In that way, the surplus clothing from the MIAM collection would be utilized. I wish every garment would do good to some woman by supporting her growth story, Miia plans.

When there are a lot of plans, you also need to charge your own batteries.

-We got a summer place from Kirkkonummi with Jukka some time ago, which is located by the sea in a cove in the bay. When I open the door in the morning, deer walk in the yard.

"The leafless tree is beautiful. It is profound in all its barrenness."

-At a young age I couldn't appreciate a simple life. Now I think that although the beach of Laguna Beach is enchanting in its glory, nothing compares to the tranquility of the Finnish seascape. The leafless tree is beautiful. It is profound in all its barrenness.

Text: Riitta Castrén

Photos: Marica Rosengård